Bette Ridgeway

The True Heir of Paul Jenkins Painting as a ritual. The spiritual in art, which takes shape through a "slowed down" process based on the indistinguishable union between time - space - color. The canvas becomes a diary in which to write down your emotions, your feelings and, above all, where you can freely express your ideas. Today we can consider the artist Bette Ridgeway as the one and only true heir of Paul Jenkins: her mentor and teacher. The encounter between the artist and Jenkins' great paintings takes place way back in 1978, when she, Bette, entered the Gumpel & Weitzenhoffer Gallery in New York, where the entire space was filled with huge canvas paintings by Jenkins. Bette's reaction was a long cry, due to the strong emotion provoked by Jenkins' enormous canvases in which the power of rhythmic primary colors is sublime. It's kind of the same feeling that many get when they walk into Rothko's Chapel in Houston, Texas.

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