Woohee Cho

Interdisciplinary Artist

Woohee Cho is an interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles, working primarily with video installation and performance. The key theme of his work is self-identification.

The aim of his work which stems from his personal experiences is to expose and queer the structural irony of patriarchal, heterosexual norms. He is also the co-founder of curating project Nomad Pavilion established in 2019.

Woohee received an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts, and a BFA from Seoul National University. His work has been exhibited and performed at the REDCAT, Los Angeles Municipal Art among others.

The artist has joined a few art residencies in the US— the REEF residency, Los Angeles in 2020 and the year before at the Saas-Fee Summer Institute of Art States of Consciousness in Cognitive Capitalism, New York.

In 2020 the artist showcased “Unsolicited Pleasure” for his solo exhibition at the California Institute of the Arts, and in 2019 “hashtag whynohomo”, at the same venue, while “Exhibition Practice” at Cafe Morris Gallery in Korea in 2014.

Apart from his solo exhibitions, the artist also participated in a few film festivals/screenings at the Sydney World Film Festival (2021), Ann Arbor Film Festival : Competition 15, Ann Arbor, MI (2021), Screening Project Dongshi Sangyoung #8 : Ah! Sports, Open Box, Seoul, Korea (2017) and NORMAL FAMILY, Last Projects, California (2015).

To know more about the artist, visit or contact:

email: woohee.hit@gmail.com

mobile: (+1) 661-877-5697  

website wooheecho.com